Sunday, 2 December 2012

Bespoke Satchel and a HUGE Hello!

Have you ever tried to post a blogpost from tour iPhone? Well in theory, it should work but I have found that I was unable to place my images into any order and I was unable to add any description to my images. It was quite frustrating. I thought that once I posted it, I may have been able to edit - no, not from this phone. I am currently editing on my iPad now >_<  
Ok, so I thought I'd be able to edit from my iPad but it seems that is an impossibility too. I can only get so far then I am unable to shift the page down to continue. Please bare with me until I can get my hands on a pc to edit this post and publish another. 

Miss 17 asked me on Sunday to design and make her a satchel. She had purchased some fabric from Spotlight and wanted the whole satchel out of the one fabric. It took me quite a while to convince her that it really needed some more colours added to break it all up a bit.
She had quite specific requests, including that it could be no larger than an A4 piece of paper. I cut a satchel out of paper, the size of an A4 sheet and then I cut one out of an A3 sized piece of paper to show her how big they would actually be. She chose the A3 size.

This is the finished satchel

The front of the satchel with various strips of fabric across the front. 

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  1. very nice satchel Rochelle,well done.xx