About Me

Who am I?
This is me after a successful roadside rescue of an eastern bearded dragon 20/10/12
I am a thirty-something single mother of two teens.
My name is Rochelle but I have also been known as Adelaide or Rocky but that's two whole other storys ;-)
I know, not the greatest of photographs but you get the idea. Left is teen number one, at 17 years of age, Miss Ashleigh. I am of course in the centre and to the right is teen number two, at 14 years of age, Master Connor.
And, just because teenagers hate it so much and get embarressed so easily, here is another photograph of them both - with a polar bear!
I also spend a whole heap of time with my gorgeous niece, Miss Ella and my awesome little nephew, Master Cooper (or as he says "Bupa", and my son is "Nonna", not Connor)
Here I am picking mulberries with Miss Ella
And if you haven't guessed, this is Master Bupa!
We live in a pretty little lake side suburb of Bolton Point on the beautiful shores of Lake Macquarie in NSW Australia.
Can you see it?
This little hairy legged guy is Dr Killmouskey, my creative director. He is always in the midst of my creations and thought processes littering my fabrics and yarns with wisps of Doc fur. I'm sure you will find some woven in to my knitted creations.

My cousin has horses, many horses and there are many, many occasions that you can find me sitting out in the middle of the paddock or laying in the bottom of the stable with a horse or two (or twenty). They are like a breath of fresh air, a consellor and a best friend all rolled into one. Quite invigorating really.

Here's some of the gang.
I love to create whether it be with fabric, wool, paint or whatever takes my fancy at the time.
My current loves are quilting, knitting, crochet, photography and embroidery.
As some of you are well aware, I have also added spinning and dyeing to my list of creative feats.
Being creative
I work part time in the local patchwork store which I just love. The people I work with are gorgeous and I really couldn't have asked for a better boss. I love my job and I love my workplace and I really love what I do. I love meeting new people each day and I love that I don't work 5 or 6 days a week.
Some of the girls I work with in the patchwork store. Always lots of fun :-)
I am learning to live with a condition called Acromegaly which can and does make my life a living hell on occasions but I'm determined to not let it rule my life like it seems to think it can.
Yep, this is me again, just letting you see how shiny my hair can be when it wants to.
So once again, I welcome you warmly to Gladys and Maude.
Grab a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy the ride :-)

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