Sunday, 18 November 2012

Quiet Time

I know it's been a bit quiet here at Gladys and Maude but truth be known, behind the scenes it's been quite chaotic.

It all stated about 4 weeks ago with the birth of the beautifully precious little Miss Peaches

Then there was the tragic and sudden death of Buttons
It has hit us all very hard and none more than my cousin and her daughters who all loved him more than any words could ever convey. Button's was only four years old and contracted a deadly bacteria. It was one of the saddest, most tragic things I have ever experienced.
Then only a few short days later, poor old Stewie had to be put to sleep with the very same bacteria. It was just awful. His mate, Spooky still calls to him. Man it's sad ;-(
Only a day or two later, my cousin was called out to a terrible raging fire in a suburb close to me.
I was more than happy to jump out of bed at 1.45am when she called to bring her crew some food and drink.
In between all of that (and of course a million other daily tasks that life throws at us), I became VERY ill due to an illness I've been dealing with for several years. After falling over uncharacteristically a few times at work on the Thursday, I made an appointment to see my doctor. Of course he ran the obligitory blood tests on the Friday.
First thing Monday morning, I received a phonecall from him; "Are you stil alive? Are you still breathing, still standing? Get yourself in here ASAP!"
Aparently if I had let it go just a few more hours, I would have undoubtably bled out.
Hmmm, No wonder I was wasn't feeling too well.
My thoughs drifted to the words of the great Spike Milligan;
"I told you I was ill"
Of course, I have been ordered complete bed rest.
How incredibly hard is it to remain in bed? Not only for days at a time but just for hours. It's frustrating. I can't stop thinking of all of the things I could be doing. Creating, cleaning, organinsing, sorting, WORKING!!!
So, the story continues and I am back to the doctors tomorrow to see where to from here.
In the meantime, I have managed to learn a bit of knitting....
Here is my very first knitted block, a heart in intarsia to go into my knitted heirloom rug. Please remember the only knitting I have done in the past, is a few plain and/or purl scarves.
I have used the delicious hand dyed yarns from Forest Hill Hand Dyed Yarns and I have received some expert tuition from the very talented Letitia from Get Knitted.
My second block - another intarsia colour block. Again, using Forest Hill Hand Dyed Yarns
Block number three, my very first attempt at entralac, yes, you guessed it. Forest Hill Hand Dyed Yarns again. I think they are just gorgeous. Not quite as bright and vibrant as you see here but very delicious.
Who knows, if I am bed ridden long enough, I might even finish this whole rug before returning to work. Gee, I hope I'm not off work for that long ;-( Yes, I actua;;ly do love my job and can't wait to get back to it!
In the mean time, please stay posted for more updates from Gladys and Maude.
It's been a rough few weeks but we refuse to be beaten. We here at Gladys and Maude will be back and at it before you can blink an eye.
Have a fabulous week if I don't see you beforehand :-)


  1. hope you are better soon Rochelle and so sad about your lovely horses.xx

  2. Rest up and get well soon Rochelle. I am sorry you have had to say goodbye to some much loved 4 legged people lately. Welcome to your latest gorgeous. Healing and hugs xxx

  3. Some bad luck and trying times. Being sick as well makes things even harder to deal with. I certainly hope you do as you are told and stay in bed til you are better. I love your knitted blocks. I'm glad you are able to do something. I hope you have a portable computer. I couldn't survive without blogging. Welcome to bloggers world. Please visit my blog.
    Get well soon,
    Cheers, Val

  4. Things do seem to come in batches, the good and the bad. I'm glad you went to the doctor!

  5. Welcome back Rochelle. So good to see you are blogging again. Oh my gosh I am so sorry to hear about your horses and now you are ill. Hope you are doing what the doctor says and everything will be ok. You are in my prayers.

  6. Lovely knitting, perfect for whiling away hours of bed rest.

    Hope you are up and about again soon.