Monday, 29 July 2013

My Head Is Spinning

Well, who said it was easy keeping an FB Page, Blogger, Instagram and Twitter up to date was easy, I laugh in their face. Sure, it's easy keeping one or two updated but put them all together and inevitably, one is forgotten about. I bet you'll never guess which has been forgotten about?
Poor Blogger :-(

So much has been happening here behind the scenes at Gladys and Maude. I'm sure by now you would have noticed the shift from handmade, hand sewn items to hand spun and hand dyed fibres. There are several reasons for this. The main one being that sewing was jus becoming too taxing on my body and I could no longer bear the constant pain. Spinning on the other hand, I seem to find quite relaxing and it still affords me the creativity and challenges that I need.

Of course I have been incredibly busy with spinning and dyeing, not to mention my duties as a mother, daughter, girlfriend and volunteer.

One of the things I currently do in my spare time (because I have so much) is repairing clothing at the Aged Care Facility near where my son does work experience. So one day a week, while he is at the aircraft mechanics, I go to the home.
I am always presented with some interesting challenges. These pyjama pants were almost torn completely in two. Would I be able to save them?
All sewn up, repaired and in excellent working order!

Ooops, almost missed the tear down the bottom near the cuff. It's fixed now. This resident should be nice and warm now :-)

Here's another, only this time the tear is at the front of the pants, just below the fly.
All fixed, you can see the button up fly just above the patch. My only worry is that it looks a little like a smiley face.

I can never match the fabric but no one seems to mind.

 And that my friends, is what keeps me busy on Wednesdays :-)

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  1. Hi Rochelle, yes it is difficult to juggle so many things at once.... thanks for your ocmment on my blog... my email settings have changed and I have lost your email address and it is no reply and... and... and... you know the story.. but it is good I was able to pop over here to say thanks and hi.... keep well....