Monday, 27 January 2014

Australia Day

Australia Day this year was quite relaxed.
I did some spinning in the morning,  then went out with my beau for a couple of hours. We just grabbed a milkshake and spent some very valuable time together. It was bliss <3

Then I headed over to my sisters where I played with the kids a little,  did some more spinning then we had a BBQ with marinated lamb chops,  sausages and a vegetable bake.

Later in the evening we played darts.

Happy Australia Daychannelling my inner bogan
Little Oscar with a pumpkin
real Aussie kid with his 2.5kgs of marinated lamb
My beautiful, handsome boy
Our Australia Day spreadOscar and Aunty Chelle watching the darts tournament. 

Oh my, do you have idea just how challenging it is to get pics and words to happily when you're trying to post from a phone? Arrggghhhh.....
Incredibly challenging and frustrating.
Its taking me days to write one pos. :-(

But its finally here now.

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